Panoramic Veiw of Yarra Valley Vinyard

Known for its finest wines and the best Chardonnay, the Yarra Valley wineries is the best spot for any luxurious limousine winery tours. Located just east of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia, this cold climate region is the home of some of the best wineries in the world set in the backdrop of the valley’s scenic beauty. The winery tours in Yarra Valley have attracted many tourists who are on business travel or simply taking a relaxing vacation.

Limousine Wine tours across the Yarra Valley region have been around for years. The best and most sought after luxurious wine tour you can experience is offered by the Yarra Valley winery tours offered at Mr Hummer Limousines. They even pioneered the Hummer limousine winery tour in Melbourne and still continue to be the leading luxury winery tour provider in the region.

They offer an exclusive luxury Hummer winery tour for individuals or groups in a reasonable price compared to other tours offering an hourly rate for rental of a Hummer limousine.

Tourists are able to visit the different wineries and enjoy a pleasurable drive around the Yarra valley while on board a luxurious Hummer limousine by availing their exclusive tour packages.

Some of the inclusions in the hummer winery tour are wine tasting of the finest wines from the different wineries in the area, enjoying a bountiful gourmet course lunch of some of the finest food in Yarra Valley and of course a complimentary champagne to take with you or to enjoy while on tour. Some of the wineries they have selected for the tour include the Rochford, Yering and the Domain Chandon wineries.

Aside from the wine tasting, you also get to experience chocolate tasting and cheese tasting from Yarra Valley’s chocolaterie and dairy farm. Their finest fleet of three Hummer limousines can accommodate 16 up to 24 people. This is perfect for any group of friends or family tours as well as for any corporate or business meetings and tours. These Hummer limousines are spacious and made especially comfortable for any guests.

Winery Tours Melbourne

The private winery tour lasts for 8 hours from 9am to 5pm.  They have the friendliest and most professional drivers who will make the ride seamless and worry free. What’s more is that you can also enjoy the full bar amenities and DVD entertainment system while on tour. If you feel like bringing your own food and drinks along to add to the complimentary champagne, that is not a problem. Yarra Valley Limo Tours values customer satisfaction that is why they make every tour a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

Both local and international tourists come to Yarra Valley since it is close to the urban cities. The scenic views paired with the finest food and wine is blissful to your senses. Whether you are on your honeymoon and you wish to make romantic and lasting memories with your loved one or having a vacation with friends and families or simply taking a time away from the pressure of city life, take a the Yarra Valley Hummer winery tour for a perfect getaway.

Your most anticipated formal events, such as a prom, a bachelorette party, an anniversary or a wedding ceremony and reception require the most elegant and convenient transportation options to trigger your absolute satisfaction.

Stretch Limousines vs Chauffeur Driven Town Cars: What Should You Choose?

Obviously, you wouldn’t even picture yourself hailing a cab, carpooling, asking a friend for a ride, or driving your own car on the happiest days of your life, so why not opt for luxurious chauffeured transportation solutions in your city to add a bold personal touch to your special occasion? Assuming that you are ready to start looking for chauffeured transportation services and compare prices and features, should you go for a stretch limousine or rent a chauffeur driven town car? In order to make an informed decision, you should know what to expect from both options. Here are the main aspects that you should consider before making a final call.

My Positive Experience with Mr Hummer Limousine Hire

Luxury Stretch Hummer Limo from Mr Hummer Limo Hire

When I was planning my wedding in Melbourne I wanted the most luxury limousines I could find that suited our royal wedding theme, and our budget. I contacted several limousine companies gathering prices and finding out what wedding packages were available. Mr Hummer Limos is the best Hummer Limousine Hire Melbourne has to offer by a long shot. The prices to hire a limo were 10% more affordable and the range of Hummer Limousines was the largest in Melbourne. Since my wedding, I have used there limo services more than once.

Mr Hummer Limousine Hire has just released their next hummer in the range, a white wedding limousine perfect for any day of marriage. Limo Land is the show room that has opened up recently where you can go and view the limousines before even making a deposit so their is no surprises when the day comes. Now that is service!

Number of Passengers That You Wish to Accommodate

Naturally, before investing in transportation of any kind, you should explore all available possibilities with the size of your party in mind? How many people will be attending your event? How many of them will require chauffeured transportation? The number of passengers is the main element that differentiates a limousine from a town car. While a town car is basically a sedan with a maximum capacity of five people (including the driver), the limo offers ampler seating. For example:

  • an executive stretch is ideal for a party of up to 8 people
  • a super stretch is a good choice for up to 10 guests
  • an ultra stretch can fit 14 passengers
  • a hummer limo is big enough to comfortably transport up to 20 clients at the same time

From this perspective, a town car is a good option only when you have to ensure the transportation of five people or less. Obviously, you could hire more town cars to accommodate all the people who will be attending your bachelorette, graduation or wedding party, but splitting up your guests into smaller groups may just take all the fun and thrill out of your special occasion. If it’s extremely important to you to give your attendees the chance to ride together in the same car, work with a company that will provide a limo big enough to transport all your passengers in the best conditions.

Overall Ride Experience

Luxury Limo

It goes without saying that a town car is easy to handle due to its ordinary size. Most clients appreciate town cars for their outstanding manoeuvrability, which allows drivers to avoid traffic jams. At the same time, only the people who have already experienced the benefits of a smooth limo ride know that stretch limos also ensure a rapid, safe and pleasant ride to any destination. Even so, if reaching a certain location in record time is a top priority, you should consider opting for a town car, which holds a competitive advantage over a classic limousine from this standpoint. When time is of the essence, and you have to accommodate more than four people in your chauffeured vehicle, rest assured knowing that you could always rent two (or more) town cars and be driven in the swiftest manner by experienced, fully trained, courteous drivers. Considering that professional chauffeurs know all routes and have what it takes to negotiate traffic in an effective manner, you will manage to arrive a few minutes apart from your company in any given set of circumstances, even when you rent two or more vehicles.

Luxurious Features

A town car will impress you with its easy handling, while a limo will always get extra points for its attractive design and plethora of luxurious features. If you’re looking forward to pampering yourself and your guests during a very special day, opt for limo hire services to achieve your goal. From modern climate control systems, stereo systems, TV, premium upholstery and sunroofs to phones, Wi-Fi, computers and mini refrigerators, all these high-end features will guarantee your comfort and absolute satisfaction during a pleasant ride to your destination.

Price Point

Last but not least, price is another factor that you should consider. If you wish to keep your expenses in check, a town car may be a reasonable option for you; otherwise, if you can afford to indulge in luxurious transportation, or wish to split the cost of limo hire services with your friends or family, renting an elegant limousine would be, by far, the most inspired move that you could make to add a higher dosage of glamour to your event.

Choose Your Chauffeured Transportation Option Wisely

At the end of the day, only you can figure out what kind of chauffeured transportation would work best for you. Choose between a town car and a limo based on your budget, party size and personal preferences, and you will undoubtedly make the most satisfying decision.

Luxury Limo From Melbourne Limousine Group

As soon as they get engaged, most people start to focus on the details of their upcoming ceremony and reception, including their ideal wedding venue, decor, menu and wedding limo hire services. Elegant transportation options play an important part in this equation, considering that they allow both soon-to-be spouses to arrive at their wedding in style and on time.

Why Opt for Wedding Limo Hire Services?

Happy Couple Kissing in front of Stretch Limo from Melbourne Limousine Group in Melbourne

Limo rentals are always a good idea, especially when future brides and grooms take

the time to research all companies available in their area, and select the best service provider based on their specific timeline, budget, and practical and aesthetic requirements.

Recently my partner was a best man at a wedding in Melbourne where 3 limousine's were hired to provide transportation for everyone involved. It was an exciting addition to the wedding and the team of chauffeurs went over and beyond to bring the best limo service I have been a part off. If you would like to get married

in Melbourne and would love to give the same service a call we used this Wedding Limousine Hire Service. They have a large range of stretch limousines as well as luxury town cars that are perfect for any wedding.

If you’re thinking about opting for affordable limo hire services to make your big day even more glamorous, here are a few good reasons that would justify this decision.

  • Professionalism and Promptitude.

    Dependable, courteous, fully trained chauffeurs employed by a reliable limo hire company will help you avoid traffic jams on your wedding day, indicate the shortest routes, and follow all your instructions to ensure an absolutely flawless ride from your home to your wedding venue or any other destination listed on your itinerary.

  • A Stylish, Luxurious Transportation Option for Your Big Day.

    Whether you opt for a classic white stretch limo, stretch SUV or party buss, rest assured knowing that limo hire services will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding story, while also guaranteeing the highest level of comfort for you and your guests.

  • A Great Way to Impress and Pamper Your Guests.

    A provider of convenient limo services will also make it easier for you to give your entire bridal party attendees (including groomsmen and bridesmaids) to the venue or back to the hotel, once the reception is over.

5 Pieces of Advice That You Should Follow to Make the Most of Wedding Limo Hire Services

Wedding Car Inside Wedding Venue

Wedding limo hire services are the luxury that you can afford, especially when your number one goal is to arrive to your own wedding ceremony or reception in style, and enable some of your guests to profit from the same comfortable and chic transportation option. If you’re about to inquire about limousine hire services available in your area as we did when we were looking for limousine hire in Melbourne, here are five pieces of advice that you should keep in mind and follow before signing on the dotted line.

  1. Book Your Favourite Vehicle as Soon as Possible.

    Ideally, you should sign a contract at least six months before the big day, as soon as you’ve settled on your wedding venue, date and party side. Planning in advance is always a smart move, especially from April until August-during the prom, wedding and graduation season-when formal transportation options are usually in high demand.

  2. Ask to See the Limos before Signing on the Dotted Line.

    Always talk to your service provider about your specific expectations, and rent the vehicle that meets all your needs and demands, including the ones related to style, decor and seating. Also, check the vehicle that you’re about to rent. You wouldn’t want to be picked up by a driver standing behind the wheel of a 78’ limo, when you actually wanted to be chauffeured around town in a sleek 2007 white limo.

  3. Get Everything in Writing.

    Most importantly, get a signed contract for your wedding limo hire services, and read the fine print before signing it. Make certain that there are no hidden fees, or extra charges for additional elements that may not be included by a standard package. To simplify this process, make sure you’ll be dealing with a reputable company to begin with. Go online, visit their website, check out their reviews, and find out if your favourite providers carry all the necessary permits and commercial livery insurance.

  4. Prepare Yourself and Your Guests for the Perfect Limo Ride.

    Next, establish your itinerary and send it to your limousine hire company of choice. If needed, share with them the printed schedule, as well as your contact information and the phone numbers of the guests who will also make the most of a luxurious limo ride on your wedding day.

  5. Remember to Ask about Additional Services and Available Customisation Options.

    Wedding transportation options are supposed to be luxurious and convenient at the same time. This is why providers of transportation solutions usually bend over backwards to accommodate any special requests that would add bells and whistles to your arrangements for the big day, such as the type of decor that you wish to recreate, the champagne you would like to drink, or the music you would like to listen to while heading to your wedding ceremony and reception site. Even more specific demands, like a certain dress code for your chauffeur can be fulfilled; you just have to express your desires from the very beginning, and add these important extras to your contract before signing on the dotted line.

Groom and Best Man standing in front of White Stretch Limousine


At the end of the day, the best limo hire company in your city will offer you access to a luxurious fleet and the quality personalised services that you require to make a grand entrance on the happiest day of your life, and impress your guests with a high-end, comfortable and reasonably priced transportation option.

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