About The Author

Hey fellow Australians and those wanting a taste of this great country!

My name is Gabrielle Vaughan and this is my Australian Travel and Tours blog, Book A Tour.

About Me

Gabrielle VaughanI am a young and ambitious women looking for a man! Just kidding, sorry guys i'm taken but you can settle for something more beautiful, Australia! I love this country and have been living here for the last 20 years. I am yet to see it all but love to share my experiences here on my website.

I love to travel, eat great food and experiences the finer things in life. In the last few months before writing this I have traveled up to Darwin, headed west to Perth and been on a stunning trip around the Yarra Valley ranges in a Limousine that I will never forget.

My idea of a great time is joining friends and loved ones and heading out on a guided tour somewhere I have never been. That is what I have created this website, to share in these experiences and hopefully help some readers find a new passion of their own.

Images from my Yarra Valley Winery Tour

About Book A Tour

Although you can not book a tour from my website, I will be promoting tour's and services that I have personally had experience with. I will be reviewing and giving an honest opinion as well as giving tips and advice to make your tour the best it can be.

You can think of this website as a very informal place where you can come and read my rants, get some new ideas on travel and transportation and hopefully, share in the excitement when you get to go experience my shared memories for yourself.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find something that interests you on my blog!