Panoramic Veiw of Yarra Valley Vinyard

Known for its finest wines and the best Chardonnay, the Yarra Valley wineries is the best spot for any luxurious limousine winery tours. Located just east of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia, this cold climate region is the home of some of the best wineries in the world set in the backdrop of the valley’s scenic beauty. The winery tours in Yarra Valley have attracted many tourists who are on business travel or simply taking a relaxing vacation.

Limousine Wine tours across the Yarra Valley region have been around for years. The best and most sought after luxurious wine tour you can experience is offered by the Yarra Valley winery tours offered at Mr Hummer Limousines. They even pioneered the Hummer limousine winery tour in Melbourne and still continue to be the leading luxury winery tour provider in the region.

They offer an exclusive luxury Hummer winery tour for individuals or groups in a reasonable price compared to other tours offering an hourly rate for rental of a Hummer limousine.

Tourists are able to visit the different wineries and enjoy a pleasurable drive around the Yarra valley while on board a luxurious Hummer limousine by availing their exclusive tour packages.

Some of the inclusions in the hummer winery tour are wine tasting of the finest wines from the different wineries in the area, enjoying a bountiful gourmet course lunch of some of the finest food in Yarra Valley and of course a complimentary champagne to take with you or to enjoy while on tour. Some of the wineries they have selected for the tour include the Rochford, Yering and the Domain Chandon wineries.

Aside from the wine tasting, you also get to experience chocolate tasting and cheese tasting from Yarra Valley’s chocolaterie and dairy farm. Their finest fleet of three Hummer limousines can accommodate 16 up to 24 people. This is perfect for any group of friends or family tours as well as for any corporate or business meetings and tours. These Hummer limousines are spacious and made especially comfortable for any guests.

Winery Tours Melbourne

The private winery tour lasts for 8 hours from 9am to 5pm.  They have the friendliest and most professional drivers who will make the ride seamless and worry free. What’s more is that you can also enjoy the full bar amenities and DVD entertainment system while on tour. If you feel like bringing your own food and drinks along to add to the complimentary champagne, that is not a problem. Yarra Valley Limo Tours values customer satisfaction that is why they make every tour a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

Both local and international tourists come to Yarra Valley since it is close to the urban cities. The scenic views paired with the finest food and wine is blissful to your senses. Whether you are on your honeymoon and you wish to make romantic and lasting memories with your loved one or having a vacation with friends and families or simply taking a time away from the pressure of city life, take a the Yarra Valley Hummer winery tour for a perfect getaway.

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